What will it be later for her….
Street sweeping?
Or an education?

Also in Europe are children with hungry bellies.
In many Eastern European countries the Roma are a minority on the margins of society. Most are extremely poor. Roma children grow up with structural food shortages. In severe winters they often dwell in unheated huts, made of clay bricks or waste materials. For generations Roma have been discriminated and excluded. Unacceptable, because God loves all people equally and het wants good for every individual and for every child.

Help to break the vicious circle of poverty and discrimination:
Invest in the future of a Roma child.

Your help makes a difference!



At CRS, you can choose from several projects in different countries that you can help.

Roma info

Roma info

The Roma have a unique history and culture. Read all about this colorful people!

Take a trip

Take a trip

CRS organizes trips to meet your sponsor child, working holidays or traveling as a building team.

Mirjam Bouwman
(tv host EO)

The Lord Jesus has asked us to love others and care for them. I have personally seen how Roma children are treated as outcasts in their own country … incomprehensible! These children are entitled to more love and a chance to a decent life! That is why I support the work of Christian Roma Support! Do you? ‘

What can you do to help Roma children?

Order from CRS a

Workshop Body percussion!

Do you have a party, event or do you want to do something with team building? Then this workshop is a must. For action, fun and everyone can participate.

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